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What makes our own wines so special?
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Viticulture by passion

On more than 2 hectares of vineyards, mainly in the steep slopes of the Schlossberg, ripen especially the grapes of the Spätburgunders, which is considered the flagship among the Klingenberger red wines. In addition, there is the Portuguese, who also promises greater quantities because of its greater fertility. With three quarters of the total cultivated area, these two occupy the first places in the winery Köhlich. But also the "whites", from Müller-Thurgau to Riesling to Silvaner, receive the same attention.

Of course it is the special situation of the vines around Klingenberg, which bring the here drawn wines their exceptional reputation. However, the location is only the playing field on which, with a lot of passion and meticulousness, wines are produced year after year that not only shape the landscape of our region. Also culinary they set unmistakable landmarks that delight lovers from many countries.

Winery Köhlich - Klingenberger Schlossberg.

Steep template for connoisseurs

The winery Köhlich does not produce for the mass. Every year we generate a manageable amount of wines, which enjoy a broad appreciation.

Taste and Style

2015 Riesling Spätlese

Klingenberger Schlossberg

It impresses with crisp acidity, delicate fragrance of Tauwiese and shows its freshness in citrus and peach flavors. The perfect or better, the perfect companion to light meals such as fish and seafood.

2015er Silvaner Spätlese

Klingenberger Schlossberg

Its fine scent of apple blossoms and fresh fruit makes it the perfect companion for a Franconian Vesper, strong fish dishes but also mild meat dishes.

2015er Pinot Blanc Spätlese

Klingenberger Schlossberg

A wine with a subtle, fine aroma, whose delicate acidity is integrated around it. In the nose, it delights with fruity quince and apricot, which come with a light honey taste. Ideal with light meats, strong fish and seafood of all kinds.

2015er Gewürztraminer Spätlese

Klingenberger Schlossberg

A Gewürztraminer with known mild acid. Its scent of roses and marzipan make it the perfect companion to cheese and all sorts of desserts. But of course he also comes very well as a solitaire.

2015er Müller Thurgau Cabinet

Klingenberger Schlossberg

The athlete among the white wines, not because of its alcohol content, but based on its typical lightness and spiciness, integrated into delicate fruit flavors. A light, cheeky wine, from which it may like to be a glass more.

2014 Portuguese Q.b.A.

Klingenberger Schlossberg

Our Portuguese gives himself mild and velvety and enthusiastic with his tasty and light flavors. Its fine forest berry aromas make it the ideal companion to all meat dishes and light game specialties.

2014er Spätburgunder Q.b.A.

Klingenberger Schlossberg

The Pinot Noir, also known as Pinot Noir, Blue or Black Burgundy is one of the most important and, above all, very high quality red wines. It is the vine to which Klingenberg am Main owes its reputation as a wine village. Our Pinot Noir seduces the palate with strong aromas such as light bitter almond, cherry and delicate vanilla. The ideal wine for sunset. But also afterwards by the fireplace or in social circle. That this wine was created to accompany strong flavors such as game or beef, hardly needs to be mentioned. We do it anyway.