Call us detail obsessed - we find
there are worse things.


When it comes to cooking, passion is in demand - a credo that our kitchen crew has written for themselves.

Dinner is served

If we rave about the Franconian cuisine, then we do not have their diverse regional characteristics and differences in mind.Rather, we are concerned with a peculiarity that is characteristic of all styles as a basic tenor, their straightforwardness.This characteristic, which has already shaped traditional Franconian cuisine, is continued in the modern kitchen culture of the Paradeismühle with passion for reduction.

We believe that delicacies and enjoyment factors do not require gimmickry.What matters here is the pronounced quality of the basic products and a passionate fascination with flavors.Our kitchen team is always on the lookout for the perfect ingredients to serve you with dishes that simply delight.No more and no less.

Eating and drinking are among the nicest amenities in life.And of course to the highest delights, which we treat ourselves.Or as Augustinos said:
"Things unfold their reality only when you enjoy them, and never when you only need them."

You are welcome to download our culinary calendar and study in peace.

We appreciate your interest.

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Enjoyment is the ability to fill time with something special.
We think that also applies to the stomach!